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Automatic Doors


     G&D Viking Glass Inc. uses quality Nabco Automatic Entrances. Nabco manufactures superior quality Gyro Tech brand automatic sliding doors, manual sliding doors, automatic swinging doors, manual swing doors, door conversion units fire doors, bi-fold doors, activating devices for automated pedestrian doors and ICU doors.


     The GT 500 swinging door provides all the necessary features for accommodating the elderly or physically challenged and it saves energy. The GT 500 electromechanical closer operates in manual or automatic mode with microprocessor control that incorporates recycle and “push-n-go” features. Available in push button mode or motion sensor.

     The Nabco 1175 Whisper Slider is an ultra-quiet high-performance entrance system has one of the lowest lifetime cost of ownership of any automatic door system on the market. It is the ideal solution for almost all standard sliding door applications. Available with fixed sidelights, full breakout and pocketed construction (with or without transoms) it will accommodate virtually any door opening.


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